ADAGIO BIANCO for orchestra.
In memory of Pier Giuseppe Nanni (July 1947/April 2013)

Music composed and produced by Alessio Nanni at WHITE NOISE FACTORY
Animation developing: Alessio Nanni at WNF Laboratory.
© 2013 Alessio Nanni – All Rights Reserved.

8 responses to “ADAGIO BIANCO”

  1. Beautiful. Moody. Contemplative. Definitely from the heart.
    Grazi Alessio.

  2. Giulio Passadori says:

    Mi lasci sempre senza parole.
    Un abbraccio

  3. 13hm13 says:

    Great music and video, Alessio! Is this a stand-alone piece, or is it (or will it be) incorporated into a larger project: game, tv/film score, etc.?

    • Thanks!
      This is a piece that I composed in memory of my Father.
      So it’s a stand-alone composition, dedicated to the most important person in my whole life.
      Thank you for your comment.

  4. Emma says:

    wonderful… a flow of energy from the human spirit…

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