hal must practice - alessio nanni 2007


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Hal Must Practice is an electroacoustic composition project that uses just real samples, recorded live, no treatment, no sound manipulations. So the compositing process is not on transforming the elements but assembling them in a way that they could even be modified just by the disposition in the stereo image.
Adding, doubling, multiplying, combining, all of this technics are allowed in the process but not modifying the sample it-self.
This particular project uses just five pre-recorded sample, not more. Another interesting characteristic is that the samples are recorded in a range of 20 meters far from the White Noise Factory.
But why that? The concept (and the goal) is to prove (and display how) is possible to realize a complex contemporary music composition just using a digital audio recorder and the sounds we have around our desk.

On the other hand the great challenge is to compose something that has a strong structure and an interesting topic.

The main concept is related to the piano world, and to the student’s nevrotic attitude to repeat a single section of a piano work for hours, making them out of the real musical sense of the music and the world that surrounds them. The progressive loosing of interests in what happen during hours of practicing turns the students into robot. So ‘Hal’ (inspired to 2001 Space Odissey) is a robot, a not-human, that just think about control everything, everytime.
Hal practices hours, even thoug the ambient aroud him is changing, transforming, outside the windows is raining, the heating is burning, but he keeps on practicing, bumping into a single note, a single section of a piano composition for hours, replicating the same passage enough times to gradually built a real piano nausea.

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