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HIPER MIND is an electro-psychoacoustic composition.

The concept is all about the will of merging the real and unreal world of acoustic perception in a way that involves the capability of passive listening, without any sort of previous or classical listening experience.
HIPER MIND is a way to substain in a new way the perception of all the sounds we could find around us, natural and not, trying to relax and focus more on the nature of the sound itself.
The proposal is to use HIPER MIND everywhere, anytime, just as background. It could almost disappear but it will always be there, mixed in our sensorial experience and improoving our powers of concentrations.
All the samples used in this project are fully generated by psychoacoustic synthesizers in order to be merged to the natural world of natural sounds in a very clear way.

Alessio Nanni: Hiper Mind

Concept and Images are © by Alessio Nanni – All Rights Reserved

One response to “HIPER MIND”

  1. davide says:

    Ascoltavo i pezzi contemporanei al tramonto nella vigna col mio cane..davvero atmosfere oniriche. Ti faccio i complimenti..bravo

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