Mostly shot downtown Los Angeles, ONE SHORT WINTER is a musical/visual window on a huge, gigantic organism, where bright lights and deep darknesses coexist in a sort of borderline balance.
Not only Hollywood in the city of Angels then, where shadows are all around us, if you’re ready to see them.
A nocturne view of one of the most exciting city in the world, once again in a stunning full HD resolution and super HD audio encoding.

One Short Winter is composed by Alessio Nanni.
All Rights Reserved – BMI Music

2 responses to “ONE SHORT WINTER”

  1. Emma says:

    wow… I would be really interested to know how you went about writing this score. Did you video first or was it the music you heard as you were looking at the city? The last few frames for example, the visuals tie in with musical notes as though each image dictated the sound… I am curious… complimenti… very haunting music and scenes… beautiful.

    • Thank you Emma.
      This project was filmed and then cut on the original composition to match the music structure, trying to create an organic pace that lead the visual with music.
      Glad you loved it.

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